About our Headache Clinic

Are you or a loved one suffering from a concussion or headaches? Looking for testing and support? Look no further than our headache clinic, where neurologist John Neilson and Physiotherapist Codi Isaac offer high quality testing and management. Dr. Neilson and Codi Isaac also have access to Psychology and Neuropsychology specialists that can aid in providing a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care. For concussions we offer:

Concussion Management
Pre-Injury Baseline Testing
Help with Acute Concussion
Help with “Difficult” Concussion
Help with Persistent Post Concussion Symptoms (PPCS)

For headaches we deal with all associated issues and ages. We also welcome anyone suffering from concussion regardless of age.

Isaac Physiotherapy offers advanced concussion recovery, sport improvement & physiotherapy services to help youplay better and live well. Codi Isaac is accepting new patients and referrals for:

Motor Vehicle Collision
Sports Injury and Prevention

Whether your patient have experienced a concussion as a result of a car accident, workplace injury or on the playing field, Isaac Physiotherapy works right from Day 0 to help them get better.

At Isaac Physiotherapy, the RecoverNow program can help your patients whether they have acute or persistent concussion symptoms.

Acute Concussions: If your concussion has occurred within the last 10 days, it's considered acute.
Persistent Concussions: When a concussion takes longer than10 days to heal, it’s considered persistent.

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*Physicians: Please note that referrals must be accompanied with a consult note. Consult notes on their own are also accepted.

doctor john neilson headache specialist

Dr. John Neilson


Sees: Concussions, Headaches

codi isaac physiotherapist

Codi Isaac, PT


Sees for: Concussion, Vestibular, Orthopedic, Motor Vehicle Collision, Sports Injury and Prevention

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Address: #208, 10430 – 61 Avenue NW, T6H 2J3

Phone: Neilson - 780-306-9209 | Isaac - 780-952-4323

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