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Peak Medical Group is looking for Physicians, Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRT), Certified Respiratory Educators (CRE), Clinical Coordinators, LPN's, RN's, Community Relations Managers, and Medical Office Administrative Assistants to collaborate in our rapid growth and expansion. We have offices throughout Alberta including Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, and Sherwood Park, and we are looking to expand Peak Medical Specialty Centres, Peak Sleep Clinics, and Peak Pulmonary Function Laboratories in each of these communities.

Peak Medical Group recognizes the value that people can play in not only enhancing patient care, but also in enhancing our company’s ability to compete successfully in an ever expanding market place. Therefore we are committed to provide those on our team with a challenging and satisfying career environment. We offer above market competitive wages, top tier benefit programs, and ongoing sponsorship of educational opportunities that improve both career satisfaction and patient care.

Peak Medical Group holds special appreciation for those individuals who are self-starters, independent-thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and those interested in joining a team of over 105 HealthCare Professionals who are committed to excellence.

If you know someone at Peak Medical Group, ask them if they enjoy their work experience with us. If you don’t know someone at Peak Medical Group, let us know. We would happy to connect you with any number of RRTs, CREs, Family Doctors, Respirologists and Other Specialists, Clinical Coordinators, Medical Office Administrative Assistants, and Industry Partners who can describe to you the difference we can make in the lives of our patients and with our team.

If you are a specialist looking to collaborate on quality focused patient care, we would like to hear from you. Please go to The Government of Canada's Job Bank or Indeed.com and search Peak Medical Specialty Centre, Peak Sleep Clinic, or Peak Pulmonary Function Laboratories, or contact us by email and we will contact you and assist you in responding to our ad.

What Our Team Says

Learn why Peak is a great place to work.

Peak is a company that rewards incentive. They've always been open to new ideas and letting me run with them. I couldn't ask for a better place to work.

Robert - Project Manager

Me working part-time at the hospital isn't a problem for Peak. They've always been flexible with my schedule, and working some regular hours at a relaxed pace is a nice balance for me.

Respiratory Therapist - Britt

Waking up is easy knowing that I'm going to work with a great group of girls. It's such a great environment to work in, and everyone has the same passion for healthcare and helping people.

Candace - Medical Office Assistant

Peak makes it easy for me to focus on patient care. There's no worrying about whether something is going to get done or not; the amount of professionalism, know how, and good company has enabled me to enjoy my work immensely.

Respirologist - Anthony