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We offer pulmonary function, allergy and sleep testing as well as a variety of medical specialist consultations that provide high quality, efficient service to Albertans.

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We at Peak Medical are committed to enhancing the quality of life of those we serve through comprehensive patient care, testing and education. We feel that this approach leads to improved compliance which results in better patient outcomes. With Peak Medical, people in need of timely consultations, diagnostic testing and specialist consultation(s) can be seen and served in a timely manner while reducing the burden on today’s healthcare system. With 15 locations across Alberta, we look forward to serving you!

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We offer quality allergy testing in Calgary at our Hamptons location, as well as in Red Deer and Edmonton. If you believe you suffer from any of the allergies listed below, we would be happy to test you! Ask your family doctor to refer to Peak today.

Types of allergies we see for:

  • Environmental Allergies – A variety of environmental allergens, such as pollen, mold, and animal dander, can trigger allergic reactions.
  • Food Allergies – Common food allergies include peanuts, milk, eggs, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, and wheat.
  • Vaccine Allergies – A rarer form of allergy that is believed to stem from a sensitivity to gelatin or egg protein.
  • Penicillin and NSAID Drug Allergies – Penicillin is often prescribed for treating bacterial infections. Those allergic react to this antibiotic.
  • Venom Allergies – Insect venom from bees, wasps and the like can cause allergic reactions in some.
  • Urticaria – Known as hives, this skin rash is frequently caused by allergic reactions.

*We also offer Sublingual & Subcutaneous Immunotherapy

Breathing Retraining

Using the BradCliff Method of Breathing Retraining, this method follows a structured, research-based physiotherapy assessment and treatment program for functional breathing pattern disorders. It views breathing dysfunction as an indicator of physiological and mechanical imbalances and psychological stress in the human body. Research supports breathing retraining as an effective treatment for asthma, COPD, anxiety, chronic pain, acid reflux, sleep disorders and medically unexplained physical symptoms.

If you are having issues breathing, ask your doctor about a referral to our Breathing Retraining Physiotherapy specialist today. Our BRT specialist works out of our Crowfoot Sleep location.

Our Gynacologist
at Crowfoot

Dr. Janice Lee Goerzen recently joined the Peak Medical team as a gynaecologist confining her practice to the office. After graduating from the U of A and U of C, Janice worked as an obstetrician and gynaecologist at the University Medical Clinic in Calgary for several years. After studying in England, and with Dr. Trussel, she established the Pediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology clinic and the Gynaecology service for abused children at Alberta Children’s Hospital. She has published widely and been Professor and Head of Womens’ Health in an Australian centre as well as having worked in women’s health as a clinical assistant professor and locum in many sites, both in Alberta and around the world. Dr. Goerzen works out of our Crowfoot location.


Both Adult and Pediatric patients can be referred to Peak’s IInfectious Disease specialist for: Immunization Consults for immunocompromised patients and vaccination recommendations, patients on immunosuppressant drugs (e.g. immunomodulators, Biologics) or chemotherapy and immunizations needs, vaccine hesitant patients, immunization reactions and concerns for re-vaccination.

Pediatric Only:

  • Recurrent fever syndromes, recurrent infections, recurrence of infection with resistant organisms (e.g urinary tract infections)
  • Concerns about possible immunodeficiencies
  • Recurrent skin and soft tissue infections and decolonization (e.g. MRSA)
  • Treatment and recurrence of C.difficile infections
  • Herpes Simplex infections and prophylaxis
  • Rheumatic fever consults
  • Treatment follow up of patients with congenital CMV
  • Pulmonary nodules
  • Dermatophytic skin infections and onychomycosis
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections in adolescents
  • Infectious issues in special populations (CGD, asplenics, other immunocompromised populations)
  • Follow up of Kawasaki Disease cases
  • Otitis externa, chronic suppurative otitis media, resistant upper respiratory infections

Our IF specialist works out of our Crowfoot location.


We were extremely pleased when Dr. Mohammad Reza Jahandardoost joined our team at Peak Medical Specialty Centres in September of 2013 as our Internal Medicine doctor. Dr. Jahandardoost’s experience and enthusiasm for patient care allows us to further expand the services available to our patients and referring physicians.

Dr. Jahandardoost is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada with Board Certification in Internal Medicine. He is also Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine and Pallative Medicine from the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Jahandardoost is married with two young daughters. He enjoys spending time with family, reading books, playing chess, and taking trips to locations with beautiful landscapes. He recently started taking recreational flight lessons. Dr. Jahandardoost works out of our Crowfoot location.


Our Specialist, Dr. Matthew Lauzon, currently accepts referrals for:

  • Exposures
  • Health Surveillance
  • Safety Issues
  • Injuries
  • Disability Management
  • Fitness-to-Work
  • Safety-Sensitive Positions

If you want help in the prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries in the workplace, have your doctor refer to Peak to see our occupational medicine doctor. Dr. Lauzon is located at our Shawnessy location.


Neurology deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all categories of conditions and disease involving the central and peripheral nervous system. Pediatric Neurologists often diagnose, treat and manage head injuries, seizure disorders, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy among others.

Ask your doctor about referring to our Pediatric Neurologist today. We currently have one Pediatric Neurologist working out of our Calgary Walden location and another at our Allendale Edmonton location.

Meet Our

Pediatrics deals with the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents. Our Pediatrician, Dr. Hussein, will see patients aged 18 years and under at our Sherwood Park location.

If your child is experiencing physical, behavioral, or mental issues, ask your doctor about getting your child referred to Peak for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Coming from a large family, Dr. Abbeir Hussain was drawn to the field of pediatrics because of her love for children and desire to help families. She completed her undergraduate degree, medical degree and residency at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, which is also her hometown.

In her free time, Abbeir enjoys spending time with her family, shopping, reading and traveling. She loves exploring Alberta and spends much of her free time hiking in the Rocky Mountains.

Meet Our

A Physiatrist specializes in the evaluation and treatment of patients whose functional abilities have been impaired, with the goal of rehabilitation and improving functional status. The disabilities and impairments that she assists with may have resulted from injuries or diseases such as neuromuscular/musculoskeletal disorders, arthritis, peripheral vascular disease, and stroke, among others. Most importantly they are well versed in the treatment and assessment of patients with cardiopulmonary diseases and deconditioning. A Physiatrist’s focus is on the development of a comprehensive program for putting the pieces of a person’s life back together after injury or disease – without surgery.

Dr. Nwamara Dike joined the Peak Medical team in 2015 and has been practicing medicine for 12 years. Before, she received her medical degree from Duke University and completed her residency at Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Medicine in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Nwamara believes patient care begins with not only treating the injury, but also helping the patient with recovery and prevention of future injuries. In her free time she enjoys running, sewing, and interior design. She works out of our Crowfoot location.

Meet Our

Psychology is the study of mind and behavior. It is an academic discipline and an applied science which seeks to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases. Psychologist Jordan Urlacher has a specialty in Neuropsychology, a branch of psychology that is concerned with how the brain and the rest of the nervous system influence a person’s cognition and behaviors.

If you are suffering from a mental health disorder such as anxiety or depression, an eating disorder, learning problems, substance abuse or other issues, ask your doctor about getting referred to Peak. We want to help you get the psychological treatment you deserve!

We have three psychologists working out of our Edmonton Allendale location and one working out of our Shawnessy location.

Meet Our

Respirologists are able to diagnose and treat various lung conditions including Asthma, Emphysema, Pneumonia and more. If you are referred to one of our Respirologists you will likely have also been referred for one of our lung function tests to see how well you are breathing.

We have 4 Respirologists working in Calgary, one in Red Deer, and another in Edmonton. Learn more about them click on their Specialist pages.

Meet Our
Sleep Specialist

You may be referred to a sleep specialist for a variety of reasons, including sleep apnea, insomnia, and more. If you are being referred on suspicion of having sleep apnea, Peak and its sister company, Peak Sleep Clinic, offer FREE take-home overnight sleep apnea testing for patients who believe they suffer from Sleep Apnea.

Sleep Apnea is a condition where a person’s breathing is interrupted during sleep. Those with severe sleep apnea can have these episodes hundreds of times a night, meaning that they are not getting enough oxygen.

Signs you may have Sleep Apnea:

  • Snoring
  • Gasping/choking while sleeping
  • Daytime fatigue
  • Poor concentration
  • Memory issues
  • High blood pressure

Dr. Dechant is our sleep specialist working out of our Shawnessy location in Calgary.


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